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Animal Industry and Technology. Vol. 10, No. 2, 2023

Review Article
Recent trends in calcium and phosphorus nutrition in broilers
육계에서의 칼슘 및 인 영양의 최신 연구 동향
Anim Ind Technol 2023;10(2):51-62.
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Occurrence and mitigation strategies of mycotoxins in livestock feed
가축 사료 내 곰팡이독소의 발생과 완화 전략
Anim Ind Technol 2023;10(2):63-72.
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The utilization of farm animal-derived intestinal organoid
농장 동물 유래 장 오가노이드의 활용
Anim Ind Technol 2023;10(2):73-81.
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Strategies to enhance egg production performance under low stocking density conditions: a comprehensive review
산란계 사육면적 확대에 따른 계란 생산지속성 개선 방안
Anim Ind Technol 2023;10(2):83-96.
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